Tsubaki Application Design

Project Overview

The Tsubaki Resorts app project aimed to enhance the travel experience in Japan. The goal was to create a user-friendly app allowing travelers to easily book accommodations at Tsubaki Resorts while exploring various destinations and activities across Japan. Users have the option to select their preferred destination based on different locations or activities. The application provides users with the opportunity to explore the unique aspects of their upcoming vacation destination in Japan.

Project Details


The Tsubaki Resorts mobile app serves as a user-friendly platform tailored to simplify the researching, choosing, and booking procedure of users next vacation in Japan. Through the app, users have the flexibility to choose their next destination either based on their preferred activities, such as skiing, eco-touring, etc., or simply select their desired destination, such as Kyoto, and instantly access information and accommodation. User will be able to seamlessly navigate the array of Tsubaki Resorts properties, peruse amenities, check availability, and confirm reservations directly from their mobile devices through this application.

Phase 1: Research & analysis

I conducted comprehensive research to understand the users’ needs and requirements, the landscape of similar applications, especially reservation and booking apps.

User Persona

User Scenario

Empathy map


Visual Design

In designing the user interface elements, I focused on using the brand's main color, red, to maintain consistency and reinforce brand identity. Additionally, I aimed to create a UI kit that reflects both the essence of the Tsubaki brand and the cultural richness of Japan.